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Jess Boudreau


I graduated from Becker College's Interactive Media program with specializations in Art and Audio. A versatile creative talent, I have experience in writing, music composition, UI artwork, character design, and more.

About Me

Growing up, I was encouraged to be creative. I played the violin from age 10, and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. But there was one thing that captured my interest more than anything else - video games.

Much to my parents' frustration, I devoted more time and energy to gaming than I did to other endeavors. I even designed games by writing "strategy guides" for games of my own invention. Somewhere along the line, I realized I could combine my interests and have a career making games of my own.

I have always been a passionate person, as well. I developed an interest in equality and social change, which plays a large part in my philosophy when it comes to the artwork that I create.

I want to make games that are diverse, interesting, and push the boundaries of what our society considers normal. Storytelling, character development, unique visual aesthetics, and a great soundtrack are all aspects of games that are crucial to me.

What I Do

I enjoy trying my hand at many different fields. I'm generally a fast learner, and have varied taste, which has led me to experiment with many musical genres and art styles.

I've written everything, from classical and orchestral music, to EDM, to folksy ballads. I'm comfortable working with strings thanks to my traditional roots, but I also draw inspiration from the electronic and J-pop music that I enjoy listening to.

I have a home studio with a custom-built sound booth for recording voiceover work, as well as vocals for my music. I am active on Casting Call Club and have played a variety of roles.

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