Café Mildé

Successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter in September 2016, Café Mildé is a visual novel I am working on with Sierra St.Onge. Alyssa Quaresima and Spenser Lee are our primary artists. I have multiple roles in this project: music, writing, editing, implementation, and UI design.

As a dating-simulation visual novel, Café Mildé is a primarily text-based game in which player choices determine which character's story will play out. Café Mildé will be released on Steam and at a later date.

Café Mildé is set in a modern fantasy world where humans and magical creatures coexist. The player can choose to follow either Cary or Stefan, both humans who work at the titular café. After an introduction segment in which the player meets the main cast, they will choose where their character goes on their day off, which sets them on one of several routes following one of the other characters. Each route focuses on unique aspects of the characters' lives and challenges they face, and romance with the characters is approached in different ways. Most of them have pre-existing connections with the player characters that inform the overall feel of their routes, while some have just met for the first time.