Lakeview is a short visual novel that I made with Sierra St. Onge for the Becker College IGDA's 24-hour Game Jam in the fall of 2016. While Sierra was the primary writer and created the title art, I created all of the in-game art assets, served as a secondary writer, and implemented everything in the engine. I also created the music and sound effects for the finished version after the Game Jam was over.

The version of Lakeview uploaded at the end of the Game Jam was not complete. The writing was largely finished, but we ran out of time to implement much of the end-game content. It is still possible to reach the first "bad ending," but the more conclusive endings are inaccessible in the Game Jam version. There is also no audio. Sierra and I have since updated the game to fix these issues.

The story of Lakeview follows three friends: Beryl, Cleo, and Mint. Because the theme of the Game Jam was "experiment," we decided to have a social experiment as part of the story. For a school project, Mint asks Beryl and Cleo to go on a mock date. The game starts with a very innocent atmosphere, but can take a number of dark turns ending with the death or disappearance of the main characters.

The Game Jam version of Lakeview can be downloaded from the itch.io page. We plan to upload the finished version, with a complete story and music, at a later date.

Worcester, MA, USA

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