Mental Mist & Firewall

Mental Mist and Firewall are two platform games that I worked on during 24-hour Game Jams. Firewall was made in the fall of 2013, and Mental Mist in the fall of 2014. Both games were made in Clickteam Fusion, with Nick West as the programmer/implementer and the music composer. The other team members changed between projects. In both, my main role was art, including character sprites, tiles, and backgrounds. I also helped with writing and level design.

Each game had prompts received as part of the Game Jam. For Firewall, the prompts were "breaking the fourth wall" and "the origin of fire." The game has a story element in which the main character is possessed and controlled by a foreign entity that represents the player. The main character is a witch who controls fire, and over the course of the game, she ends up introducing fire to a group of cave people.

In the case of Mental Mist, the prompts were disorientation, falling, and "epic." The story involves the main character, Mist, trying to visit her friend who works in a hospital. She falls and hurts herself on the way there, and the levels take on a surreal, dream-like quality. We wanted to implement screen filters which would obscure the player's view as they lose health, to increase the feeling of disorientation, but technical issues prevented this. The game includes simple story cutscenes featuring voice work by the team members. There are also two battles against large bosses.

Neither game is available to download anywhere, but the art that I made for them can be viewed here.

Worcester, MA, USA

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