Still Hearts

Still Hearts was originally made for my Senior Game Project class in the spring of 2016. I worked with Sierra St. Onge, Richard Hui, and Joseph LaConte on this project. My main role was creating pixel art for characters, environments, and UI elements, as well as some writing, editing, and music.

It is a dating-simulation game in which the player gets to know multiple characters and eventually chooses one to pursue, unlocking different story paths. Rather than being purely a visual novel, Still Hearts allows the player to walk around in a top-down perspective.

The main hook of Still Hearts is that all of the characters are dead, and reside in the afterlife. The player comes to possess an item which can resurrect them and one other character of their choosing, leading them on a journey to decide who is worthy of accompanying them back into the world of the living.

The original version of Still Hearts was finished up to a demo state during the semester in which we worked on it, with a large portion of the writing and assets finished. We do not currently plan to continue work on the game.

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Artwork that I made for Still Hearts. Click on the images below to enlarge them and view captions.

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Borris - Still Hearts

Borris is a stoic, dragon-like individual who watches over the afterlife town, and guards the cemetery. No one (except Borris himself?) is quite sure why there is a cemetery in the first place. He is never seen actually moving in the demo version of the game, so we didn't need more than one sprite of him.