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A Ninth World Journal

Halite Gabra

A science fiction audio drama by David S. Dear set in the world of the Numenera role-playing game.

I played Halite Gabra, former Aeon Priest and current high priestess of a religious order which worships salt.

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Chronicles of Fhaerythe


A high fantasy audio drama about magic returning to the world.

I played Eshai, an adventurer exploring a mysterious island.

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The Final Word


An audio short story by Frank Dancis in the form of an open letter.

I played the main character, a cynical woman reminiscing about the unfortunate circumstances of her life before moving on to a new one.




A modern fantasy audio drama by Steph Nguyen about a conflict between angels and demons.

I played the role of a TV reporter in the first episode and the demon Lilith from episode 4 on, as well as composing some music tracks.

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Anthologies of Ullord


A high fantasy audio drama.

I played the role of a creepy witch who's just a bit too forward.

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The Gray Area


An audio drama concerning strange events in small-town Wyoming.

I played the role of a police officer.